Display your content at the ideal time to your customers

By joining our partner network, we’ll do the heavy lifting, so you can focus on delivering quality content.


Support users in the optimal timing

Boost impact for users in the perfect setting. Focus on your content, and let us find the best user context.

Generate synergies accross the industry

We are a central hub to enable cross-industry synergize in the interest of you and menstruating invididuals.

Simplified user growth via one central hub

By delegating the user acquisition to Revol Health, you can focus on what matters to you. In return we share the revenue with you.

How it works?

Integration via Video or Text content

Setup your personal coaching sessions and text content to share it with Revol Health.

You have your own digital business?

Integrate with API

Make your technical integration faster and easier.

Eva Elle


Thank you for building such an empowering tool, especially for designers! The site went from Figma to Framer in less than a week!

Guy Mccoy


Playing around with @framer while building a landing page for a side project. I’m terrible at animations, but they make it so easy!

Kayla Ray


I’ve built pretty handy sites powered by Craft or WordPress in the past, but seeing @framer tackle CMS stuff so effortlessly is mind-boggling

Being connected enables equity at work

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Easily manageable health platform

Select your preferred subscription type, choose the number of users, and pay what you use. All actions at your fingertips.

Intuitive mobile app for employees

Within one platform menstruating individuals get personalised recommendations based on their current well-being. All backed up by science.

More equity in your corporate benefits

Demonstrate to your workforce that you care about them. Most corporate benefits follow a one-size-fits-all approach. We believe in tailored solutions.